Booked via a Booking Agent but want a discounted ferry?  Don't worry - we can help....

Our contracts with the ferry companies state we can only offer ferries as part of a package with accommodation. This means we are unable to offer discounted ferries to guests who have booked accommodation through a third party eg, Expedia etc

But it is easy to cancel and book direct – it only takes a few steps -

There is no danger of being charged twice or losing your booking, because agents don’t take any money or handle the reservation. Your entire booking is handled by us . All the agents do is collect your info and pass it onto us

To Arrange a Discounted Ferry. If you have booked with us drop us an email or give us a call using the details below.  If you have booked through an agent then Cancel your accommodation booking with them and book direct- it takes just a few steps.

  1. Contact us via phone (01983 852244) or email* ( to check we can book you a ferry and confirm the cost

  2. Click to cancel your reservation with your booking agent: etc.

  3. If your booking is within seven days of the arrival date they will ask us if it is ok to cancel without charges

  4. We say ‘yes it is fine’ and they confirm the cancellation

  5. We send your ferry ticket to you

* Please use your own email when contacting us so we can confirm moving your reservation and send your ferry ticket.  Once you cancel with etc we cannot contact you through their website